Presenter Package

A presenters package is available for Speech Pathologists experienced in Cued Articulation who wish to run Cued Articulation courses. It is very much based on the standard online course, but has much of the audio removed, allowing you to ‘do the talking’ from a script.

The package grew out of SLPs who had ‘facilitated’ a course saying they wanted more interaction with the participants, rather than just running through the slides, listening to me!

It consists of an online ‘PowerPoint’ type presentation with a script for you to accompany it. The modules have been combined to make it simpler to load and present, and it is in Full Screen mode. Unlike the routine online course, the Presenters presentation can be moved on with a remote mouse or by using the Page Down key. You have the opportunity to talk through it from the script provided, demonstrate the cues, provide your own examples if you wish, etc. It allows for interaction between you and your participants. The package includes the Presenter Script, Course Notes*, Worksheets*, Resources List*, References List*, Evaluation Form* and Certificate Template* (* copy required for each participant).

It will take 6-7 hours to present the course. It could be over one day, or 4 x 1 hour sessions or 3 x 2 hour sessions. You need to be aware that the course teaches much more than just the cues! It teaches a new understanding of our sounds and sound system, which informs the teaching practice of the participants.

The cost is $200 ($236 if book required on initial registration) for a 6-month licence to run as many courses as you like.

The $200 fee does not include the cost of the Cued Articulation book, or the iPad App, see Jane Passy insists that everyone attending a course should have access to one of these resources. If your staff work in teams of teacher and assistant, one book/App between them is fine. I can supply you with books at $36 incl. P&P, but you’d need to get the App from the App store.

If you would like further information please contact Helen